Martyrs of Muntenia

Martyrs of Muntenia

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Boil water with salt. When it boils, put the Corneti pasta and the spirals. Let it boil halfway and then add the martyrs (they boil faster compared to pasta and risk cracking). After 5-10 minutes add a mayonnaise of flour (2 tablespoons of flour dissolved in cold water, about 300 ml) and add to the pot of martyrs. Add sugar to taste, grated lemon peel, flavors, cinnamon. Let it boil well, a sign that the flour is cooked. When boiling, I put a few aniseed beans.

In a bowl I put crushed walnuts (I fried it a little before) together with sugar and cinnamon. I put this mixture on the martyrs.

Good appetite!

Video: Homemade Martyrs from Muntenia, Romania. AdeLinas Kitchen (June 2022).


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