Chicken breast mousse with grilled vegetables "whistle"

Chicken breast mousse with grilled vegetables

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I made the chest lengthwise so that for the grill a little pulled in the pan, half done so that the rest ends in the oven,

Cut the eggplant into long slices. Sprinkle salt on top and let it drain for 15 minutes,

Place on a steam grill together with the whole peppers and clean the skin and seeds beforehand and make strips. Boil the potatoes in the peel and a little salt and let them cool, then cut the slices,

likewise, the tomatoes are made into rounds and left on the grill for a few minutes to soften a little. They can be peeled, leave a little with grated garlic on top.

Sprinkle the vegetables with olive oil. In a yena bowl or a gratin tray, place in rows a row of potatoes, a row of grilled chicken breast, an eggplant, red peppers; to form a pleasant layer of colors. The last layer must be potatoes.

Make a beshamel (from egg with salt, pepper and sour cream, beaten like an omelette) Place sliced ​​or grated cheese on top. Match the taste of salt, pepper and thyme.

Serve a cream dressing with garlic and green dill to be more juicy.

Bake for about 20 minutes (until browned)

Seasonal vegetables for chicken

What seasonal vegetables do you cook for chicken? Of course, every time you have chicken on the menu, be sure to add some vegetables. Our recommendation and that of nutritionists is that you always use seasonal, fresh vegetables.

Mashed potatoes or vegetables, baked potatoes, baked peppers, tomato or lettuce salad, asparagus and baked cabbage. Even in the soup, along with the chicken, we add delicious vegetables. Because chicken without vegetables is like summer without sun. In addition to protein, you also need vitamins and other nutrients.

To make your decisions easier, here are the vegetables you can use this fall, along with the chicken dishes you prepare.

Eggplants are grown in our country through all the yards, but they originate from South India. They are used by housewives in all kinds of dishes, the most common being zacusca, famous in every house, autumn to autumn.

However, they can be easily cooked on grills, in a pan or oven, with just a little oil and spices. Then they can be used in salads or next to a piece of well-cooked grilled chicken breast.

Eggplants are also well known as a strong ally in diets for weight loss, offering only 25kcak per 100 grams. They also have a good content of Vitamin A, B4, B1, B3, B5 and B6. Vitamin C is not missing from eggplant either. Besides these benefits, eggplants are also very tasty, no matter how you choose to cook them.

This flower of vegetables, appears in autumn and has a special taste and appearance. She is also called the vegetable bride. It can also be used as flour, most ladies who go on diets, choose it for pizza tops or various combinations, being very low in calories, but also tasty.

It has few carbohydrates and many vitamins. It can be steamed, baked or boiled. Add it to tasty chicken salads, or as a puree with a delicious chicken steak.


Beetroot is a good antioxidant, so it is often used in juices and weight loss recipes. However, it can be delicious in a chicken salad, boiled or cooked before, but also as a salad, with a little horseradish on top.

If you want to enjoy it, even in the cold season, it can be boiled, put in jars with vinegar and a little sugar. You will serve it in winter with any chicken dish.

Pumpkin or zucchini?

What makes you crave a healthy portion of crispy chicken wings? Both pumpkin and zucchini can be well browned in the oven and served with a delicious yogurt and dill sauce.

Although pumpkin is better known for pies and desserts, it can be eaten with chicken and other dishes. The sweet taste will give you an interesting flavor that you will want to repeat.

Zucchini can be cooked on the grill, in the oven, in soups and broths. It is delicious in a bite with minced chicken. You have to try.

Musaca with ripe eggplant and chicken breast

Chop the onion and bell pepper, place them in a bowl with the oil and heat them over a good heat until the onion becomes translucent.

Add the minced chicken and mix until completely incorporated.

Season with salt and oregano, color with tomato juice and boil everything until the sauce is enough. Then add a few chopped fresh basil leaves.

Meanwhile, slice the eggplant, salt them a little and bake them on both sides (on the stove tray or on the grill).

Grease a yena bowl with a little oil, place some of the eggplant slices, and sprinkle the grated cheese on top.

Add the chicken, sprinkle a little more cheese and place the rest of the eggplant slices with the tomatoes (over which we will add the remaining cheese).


Various moussaka recipes for the whole family, inspired by traditional Romanian cuisine but also by Mediterranean, Arabic, Greek or more exotic cuisines such as those of South America.

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    Moussaka with pumpkin, eggplant and turkey breast is a safe way to convince the whole family to eat vegetables full of vitamins.

    Musacaua with beef is a dish that delicately combines textures and manages to bring a perfect caloric intake for the whole.

    Potato nutmeg with mushrooms is very consistent and special compared to the classic nutmeg recipe, bringing an extra flavor and.

    The mushroom fly is very delicious, and can successfully supplement a meat dish, if you are fasting, or if you have culinary preferences.

    Pasta pasta with curry meat is a quick, tasty and healthy option for your child's menu, but also for the whole family.

    The potato is the most eaten vegetable in our country, but, from a nutritional point of view, it is very, very poor, and the content is rich.

    This recipe is for the whole family. I added it to my little one's menu after he was 9 months old.

    Protein is very important in any child's diet. We offer you a recipe with double portion of protein, chicken and mushrooms, which.

    Today I will continue the trilogy with green beans, with the third part, after the recipes Wok vegetables with strips of smoked pork muscles and.

    Meat vegetable mash brings an important nutritional intake for the health and harmonious development of your little one, both.

    - 1 & frac12 kg potatoes
    - 2 onions
    - 1 boneless chicken breast
    - 200 ml of milk
    - 1 tablespoon butter
    - 2 eggs
    - 2 - 3 tomatoes

    Put the potatoes to boil, then peel them, cut them into cubes and pass them until a puree is made in which you add the butter, milk and salt to taste.

    Put a little oil in a pan and cook the onion that you cleaned and finely chopped. Add the minced chicken and cook it a little. Pour half a glass of water into the pan. When the water drops, put the peeled and diced tomatoes together with a little salt and pepper.

    Meanwhile, heat the oven. Grease a tray (or yena dish) well with oil, then put half the amount of puree, on top of the mixture of meat with tomatoes that has dropped well and spread well. At the end, we put the other half of the puree like a duvet, which we spread evenly. Beat two eggs and serve them on top of the composition.
    Put the tray in the oven for 30-40 minutes.

    Chicken nutmeg It can also be delicious if you put a layer of pumpkin and a layer of tomatoes instead of eggs, all of which are sliced. Good luck with that!

    Chest Bites / Chicken Legs and Vegetables

    Grease a heat-resistant dish / deep pan with a little oil.

    Cut the chicken breast / thighs into long, thin slices.

    Arrange 1/2 of the pieces of meat next to each other, on the bottom of the dish and a little on the walls, then season with salt and pepper to taste.

    Sprinkle evenly 1/2 of the cheese. Set it aside.

    Saute in a little hot oil, chopped onion and carrots put on a large grater, stirring occasionally, until soft. Add the sliced ​​mushrooms (I used pleurotus), pepper (optional) and continue to cook until the vegetables start to brown a little and the juice is almost low.

    Add sour cream, greens, season with salt, pepper to taste. Set aside immediately after mixing.

    Distribute the vegetables evenly over the cheese layer, lifting a little on the edges and lightly press with a spoon. Cover the vegetables with a layer of green onions, then another layer of the remaining slices of chicken.

    Place the dish in the preheated oven for 30 minutes at 180 degrees.

    Remove the tray from the oven and carefully drain the water from the tray (I drained it, supporting it with a wider wooden pallet, works very well and with a smaller plate or pan lid). Sprinkle with the remaining grated cheese and put back in the oven, on the upper level of the oven, for about 20 minutes or until the meat is done, the melted cheese and catch a nicely browned crust on top.

    Remove from the oven and allow to cool slightly and let the flavors penetrate.

    Serve portioned, sprinkled with green parsley, finely chopped.
    Serve hot as a main course and cold as an appetizer. It is very delicious in both ways.

    Other filters about Chicken

    Baked chicken is great especially if it is surrounded by fresh and flavorful vegetables. I present you a delicious and healthy chicken recipe.

    The potato is a universal vegetable, being so loved and used in kitchens around the world for its versatility, for taste.

    Ideal for the baby past seven months, this food is served only fresh. The baby will enjoy a new taste!

    Chicken egg roll for babies is easy to prepare and is a recipe whose result is a preparation that you will eat with.

    The chicken dish we propose to you is easy to prepare, but with a delicious taste, which wonderfully combines sweet vegetables with chicken.

    The meat roll can be a simple but tasty appetizer for a festive meal, or it can be a colorful shape to convince.

    Tomato soup with meatballs is one of the dishes that can fit perfectly in the diversification of the child's diet, after 10 months.

    The chicken stew we propose is inspired by American cuisine, being an interesting mixture of tastes, combining red beans and.

    Peanut chicken food can be an ideal dish when you want to impress with a special dinner, but it can also become fast.

    Chicken tinsel can quickly become your family's favorite dish. It is very easy to make and will match perfectly with a.

    The chicken dish with carrots uniquely combines the sweet taste of carrots with a delicious tomato sauce and the tenderness of the chicken breast. Recipe.

    Chicken breast mousse with grilled vegetables "whistle" - Recipes

    Again a very good dukan recipe and easy to prepare. I invite you to prepare it for PP days, but also for PL days in combination with a refreshing salad with yogurt. Unlike a simple grill, the chicken prepared according to this recipe is much more fragile.

    Attack Phase, Cruise (PP, PL), Consolidation, Definitive Stabilization

    -1 chicken breast (depending on the size, 2 or 3 servings come out)

    - spices - oregano, basil, cinnamon, paprika, pepper, salt (one knife tip from each)

    - 1 lgt of olive oil (only starting with the cruise phase)

    - ½ lgt of grated lemon peel

    Cut the chicken breast into thin slices and set aside. From the rest of the ingredients, prepare a marinade that covers the chicken fillets (Caution! Do not put the olive oil in the attack phase). Be sure to grease them well (possibly rub them together) because not much marinade sauce comes out as in other recipes. Leave in the refrigerator in the covered dish for 4-5 hours. Place on a hot grill and cook normally like a barbecue. An alternative to the simple grill, but much tastier.

    Asubana & # 8211 chicken bite and fried vegetables

    Cut the chicken into strips and fry it quickly over high heat in a pan previously greased with a little oil and hot, stir frequently and fry it until it turns white on all sides.

    Cut the eggplant into slices, sprinkle with salt and let them drain for about 20 minutes, then wipe them lightly with a napkin. Then fry the eggplant, on the grill or in a pan greased with oil and well heated, until browned on all sides.

    Fry the whole peppers in the same way, then peel them, peel them from the seeds and cut them into strips.

    Meanwhile, boil the potatoes in their skins, then peel them and cut them into slices. Cut the tomatoes into slices and put them on the grill / pan for 2-3 minutes so that they soften a little.

    Sprinkle the vegetables with olive oil, add salt and pepper to taste, thyme and finely chopped garlic. Grease a pan with oil, and put in layers as follows: potatoes, peppers, chicken, eggplant, tomatoes and the last layer should also be potatoes.

    We make a sauce from eggs, sour cream, salt and pepper, which we then pour into the pan. Put slices of cheese and a little pepper and thyme on top.

    What ingredients do we use for the chicken or turkey skewer recipe?

    • 500 g of chicken breast
    • 1 clove of crushed garlic
    • juice and peel of a quarter lemon
    • 3 tablespoons oil
    • 50 ml of white wine
    • pepper
    • salt
    • thyme

    How to make the freshest chicken or turkey skewers?

    You can read the recipe written by chicken breast skewers below or find the video recipe below, where you can see up close how I prepare everything.

    That's all, I got some delicious chicken breast skewers. I warmly invite you to try this recipe too.

    Recipes with Gina Bradea & raquo Recipes & raquo Steaks & raquo How to make the freshest skewers from chicken or turkey breast

    Video: In-N-Out Burger - Food Funday with MasterChef Emanuel Chauhan HD (June 2022).


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