Eagles Fans Unfazed by Crisco-Smeared Poles, Climb to Celebrate Super Bowl Berth

Eagles Fans Unfazed by Crisco-Smeared Poles, Climb to Celebrate Super Bowl Berth

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We’ll give the police an E for effort


Police may have spent over four hours greasing street poles in Philadelphia with Crisco to dissuade Eagles fans from climbing them after a big win, but it clearly didn’t work. Fans celebrated the team’s win over the Minnesota Vikings by taking to the streets and climbing the heavily greased street and traffic poles in spite of the higher risk of sliding right off.

Crisco, the shortening your grandma uses to bake with, is incredible slippery and greasy, so police doused the poles and mailboxes (and virtually every climb-able item) in some areas with it to discourage climbing. The effort toward public safety by the police did not go unnoticed, as photos of greased poles were posted to social media with the hashtag “CriscoCops.”

It even received backlash from fans who were dedicated to expressing their Eagles pride from that high perch.

Shockingly, multiple fans were nonetheless able to climb the greasy poles all in the name of celebration.

Proud fans braved the slippery stuff and climbed all the way up to cheer while the crowd below filmed their ascent. However some people found the whole ordeal to be, dare we say, idiotic.

Yo, they greased the light poles in Philadelphia so fans wouldn’t climb em after the #Eagles Game... Which begs the question: How many drunk idiots had to plummet to the pavement before they realized they had to start troubleshooting in that town? https://t.co/EG8lZyw3Dt

— Cyrus McQueen (@CyrusMMcQueen) January 22, 2018

Of those shaking their heads at the whole ordeal — and at the occasional propensity of sports fans to run rampant — was cookbook author Chrissy Teigen. The soon-to-be mother of two rolled her eyes at the whole thing.

“I wish that at this very moment i were 95 years old with the plug to my oxygen within my reach,” she tweeted. We know she’s more of an Ohio State girl anyway.

Whether you’re rooting for the Eagles or the Patriots, you can win game day with these 21 irresistible dips!

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