Pea soup in 15 minutes

Pea soup in 15 minutes

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  1. frozen green peas 400 g
  2. onion 100 g
  3. garlic 10 g.
  4. salt to taste
  5. pepper to taste
  6. mint to taste
  7. vegetable oil 4 tsp
  8. water 650 ml.
  9. sour cream 2 tsp
  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 2 servings


We heat the pan with vegetable oil, put the chopped onions and fry the garlic until golden brown, add salt, pepper and mint to taste.

Add the thawed green peas to the fried onion, fry for 3 minutes, add 400 ml. water and cook for 5-7 minutes.

We transfer the mass to a blender and beat until a homogeneous consistency, in the process add 250 ml. water. 4. The resulting mass is ground through a sieve, sent back to the stove and add as much water as we want to get the consistency.

Bring to a boil, the soup is ready!

Pour into plates and serve with sour cream) Bon appetit!)