Herring roll with cream cheese

Herring roll with cream cheese

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  1. 1pcs salted herring
  2. Fresh cucumber 1 pc
  3. Soft cream cheese 100g
  • Main Ingredients


1. Cut the cucumber into strips.
2. Cut the herring so that we get two loin halves.
3. Put the fillet on cling film, lightly beat off with a kitchen hammer. Grease with cheese and sprinkle with chopped cucumber.
4. Carefully wrap the herring stuffed in a tight roll, in several layers of cling film. We clean in the refrigerator. Since the roll is very soft, cutting it will be difficult. In order to beautifully cut the roll before serving, put it for 1-2 hours in the freezer. Then cut, spread on a dish and let it defrost completely.
Our snack is ready! All bon appetit and good mood!
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