Lavash roll with herring

Lavash roll with herring


  1. Potato 350 g
  2. Butter 20 g
  3. Dill 3-4 branches
  4. Pita thin 2 sheets
  5. Cream cheese 150 g
  6. Green onions 3-4 feathers
  7. Herring 1 pc.
  • Main ingredients: Herring, Bread


knife, cling film


Start with mashed potatoes, it should be fresh and well spread. Mashed potatoes need to be made with dill.
Take 1 pita bread, grease it with cream cheese and sprinkle with a layer of chopped onion.
Cover with 2 pita bread. Spread mashed potatoes on it so that the last 5 cm are clean. This piece must be greased with cream cheese so that the roll sticks well.
Spread a herring over the entire area of ​​mashed potatoes.
Roll up the roll, wrap in cling film and place it in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours to soak.