Egg Sandwich

Egg Sandwich

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These sandwiches are ideal for breakfast, appetizers at a party, picnic, the "package" of the child or why not the husband.
They are very delicious and filling, I prepare them quite often being my fiancé's favorites.

  • 5 eggs
  • a bunch of chives
  • 3 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • salt and pepper

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION How To Make Egg Sandwich:

Boil hard-boiled eggs, peel them and crush them in a bowl with a fork.

I divided the eggs into two equal parts, in one of the parts I added the bunch of finely chopped chives, a pinch of salt and pepper and half of the mayonnaise. Mixing well until I obtained a homogeneous composition. I mixed the other half only with mayonnaise and a pinch of salt and pepper.

You can add fried and finely chopped bacon instead of chives ... a delight.


2. How to choose a baked avocado and how to clean it

It is interesting that avocados begin to ripen only after they have been picked. When good to eat, avocado changes color from dark green to dark brown to black. In addition to color, you can recognize a ripe avocado by firmness. The more ripe it is, the softer it will be and the fluffier the pulp. If you hold it in your hand and it is hard, it means it is cruel. Also check the stalk of the fruit - if it comes off easily, it means that the avocado is ripe.

However, if you have not found the ripe fruit on the market, you can bake it at home. First of all, you don't have to put it in the fridge. Leave it in the fruit basket, and it will ripen in no more than eight days. To speed up the baking process, you can put it in a paper bag, next to an apple and / or a banana, without closing it completely. The ethylene released by them will speed up the ripening of the avocado fruit.

Breakfast joy. Decadent sandwich with fried egg and crispy crust

When it comes to food and eating, I like breakfast more and more. From 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. This is where breakfast and brunch come in handy. Yeah, yeah, I know, I've been saying that. And I will most certainly say it again.

What I can reveal and I haven't said before is that I like decadent food. Those whose sauces, if you are not careful, flow on your hands, which can and cannot be eaten elegantly, which are unseen, rich and tasty.

I don't like hard-to-prepare, cooked and spiced food. I always advocate for simplicity, but, paradoxically, I have moments when all I want to eat is a triple sandwich, with all sorts of ingredients that complement each other and take you straight to the ninth heaven.

That's why I invented a technique for my sandwiches that I never fail with and that makes them tasty and extremely crunchy. The cheese placed in the hot pan to melt, burn and then wrap in a stunning embrace the slice of bread from an unusual grill sandwich. Because there are two things I can't stand in this world: the banality, the mediocrity you immediately forget, and the arrogance of people.

PS. HERE you will find another recipe for grilled sandwich, just as tasty

Sandwich with tuna, egg and potatoes for service

This sandwich contains a potato salad, similar to oriental salad, tuna, boiled eggs and a harissa sauce.
It can be associated with a lettuce, a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers or pickles.

350 gr potatoes
1/2 onion
2 pickled cucumbers
5 tablespoons oil (olive or sunflower)
1-2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 can of tuna (in its own oil or juice)
3 parsley threads
2-3 teaspoons harissa (or Hungarian hot pepper paste)
2 eggs
salt pepper
buns, wand (or mini wands)

Boil the potatoes in their skins until the fork enters them.
Then peel and cut into cubes.
Add the finely chopped onion and diced cucumbers.
Season with salt and pepper to taste.
Mix the oil with the lemon juice until it becomes an emulsion.
Add 1 teaspoon of hot pepper paste (or harissa) and mix well.
Pour this dressing over the potato salad.
Boil eggs hard in the shell.
Clean and cut the slices.
Drain the tuna and add the finely chopped parsley.
If necessary, add salt.

The rest of the hot pepper paste is mixed with 1-2 tablespoons of water to become slightly soft, like a sauce.
Cut the bun and dig out the core.
Fill with potato salad over which add tuna pieces and then egg slices.
Sprinkle with hot pepper sauce to taste.

May it be useful to you!

Egg yolk with vegetables

1 Heat 1 tablespoon oil and fry over low heat 1 small onion, finely chopped, 5 min until browned and crispy.

Add 2 cloves of crushed garlic, a pinch of hot paprika and 2 teaspoons of freshly grated ginger and keep on the fire for 1 min.

2 Meanwhile, heat a little oil in another bowl and fry 4 scrambled eggs, without the yolk to coagulate.

Add 250 g basmati rice, 2 teaspoons soy sauce, ½ teaspoon fish sauce (optional) and fry 1 min.

Add 2 chopped pak choi salads and fry for 2 min.

Add 4 slices of chopped green onions and a good handful of fresh, chopped parsley. Portion in 2 serving plates, place 2 eggs on top, garnish with chopped parsley and serve.

Garlic and ginger add flavor and are your health allies.

Cook a hard boiled egg and divide it in half. Cut a slice of hard cheese with holes. Cut the rye bread with butter - this is a mouse mink. I put cheese and half an egg on the bread - this is a mouse in a mink. Cut two small triangles out of cheese. We make a mouse - we insert cheese ears, pea eyes, tail and green mustache.

Cut a slice of bread - rye or wheat. Prepare two whole egg yolks. We remove the proteins on a large cream. Cut bread with butter, sprinkle with grated egg. Two yolks join a toothpick Cut a piece and legs of a tomato. We place a duck on a loaf of bread. We put our feet in, insert our nose and pea eyes.

If you like it, share it with your friends!


For 4 servings:
4 eggs
4 slices of toast
1 bell pepper
1 red
1 onion
4 cloves of garlic
2 triangles melted cheese
Eye oil for frying eggs

Method of preparation:
In a frying pan with hot oil, fry the egg eggs, then take them out on a plate and salt them.

Cut the onion into scales and fry it in a grill pan with a little margarine.

Cut the tomato into rounds and fry it in a little margarine in a grill pan.

Cut the pepper into slices and fry it in a little margarine in a grill pan.

Grate the garlic cloves.

After we have prepared all the ingredients, we start to form the sandwiches.
Grease the bread slices with margarine, sprinkle them with garlic and fry them in a grill pan with the greased side down. We leave them until they acquire a slightly reddish color. We take them out on a plate, we sprinkle half of the melted cheese on top of the slices, we add the fried onion, we put the egg eye over it and on top of the egg a slice of tomato and one of fried peppers, beforehand. Serve hot.

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Hi. Why margarine and melted cheese? what do they have butter and telemeau ?! Oh, advertise what's not for sale, sorry!

It's not an advertisement, Miuta. The recipe is made in a certain way. If you want to put butter or telemea, it's ok. It will probably taste different because of the cheese.

Recipe for pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw salad and fried egg

Recipe for pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw salad and fried egg. What does pulled pork mean and how? How long and at what temperature is pulled pork baked? Pork eaten with a fork. Bun sandwich stuffed with pulled pork, coleslaw salad, barbecue sauce (BBQ) and fried egg (eyes).

What to be pulled pork sandwich? As you can see in the picture above (I think you're already salivating) it's some buns stuffed with some rags of meat. You can also see: some reddish sauce, a pile of salad with creamy dressing and a fried egg. We take them one at a time, be careful!

The recipe for pulled pork sandwich comes from overseas, just from the United States. Yes, and Americanisms. Some are really nice and have been on Romanian menus for some time: burgers or hot dogs for example. The concept of fast food has caught on well worldwide even though many of the dishes that are part of this range are unhealthy if consumed long-term and almost exclusively. No one dies if they eat burgers 2-3 times a month and especially if they are homemade. Until another one, a burger is composed of bread, roast meat, greens (salad, tomatoes) and some sauce. Nothing dangerous especially if these components are prepared at home.

Same with this pulled pork sandwich. It would fit into fast food just because it assembles and serves quickly. But the preparation part is something else & # 8230 is slow cooking. Marinating the meat takes about 3 days. This fine meat becomes ragged after about 5 hours of cooking over low heat. A delight! Pulled Pork translates as "pulled pig, which can be pulled".

Basically we are talking about a roast pork that is baked for a long time and is spiced with fragrant stuff, more or less spicy. In the end, it ends up being dismantled with a fork, without the need for the help of a knife. May I tell you what taste and aroma it has? And that it melts in your mouth?

This ragged and sticky meat can be eaten as such together with salads and potato garnishes or it can be mounted in buns, tortillas, tacos, sticks, etc. I chose to fill some buns with it and add other components: cabbage salad, BBQ sauce, TABASCO ® sauces, fried eggs, etc.

I used this recipe all 3 sauces from the TABASCO ® range : red pepper sauce, green pepper sauce (less hot) and Chipotle Smoked natural smoked red pepper sauce. Something dream came out!

I give you the quantities for 2 kg of raw meat that will decrease a lot when baked. In the end you are left with 60% of it. It is worth making larger quantities of pulled pork because it lasts a few days in the fridge (or a few months in the freezer) and can be easily reheated. It really is not worth making small amounts of this preparation. The recipe I was inspired by is by Gordon Ramsay and you can find it in video format at the end of the article.

25 cheap recipes that you can make in the sandwich machine

The utility of any investment is given by how and how much we use it to be worth the money. Thus, if you make pancakes once a year, it is not worth investing in a special pancake plate, not even in a special pan for them. Ideally, for a purchase to be worth making, it is to use it as much and as intelligently as possible. Even in the case of a common sandwich maker. Because such a device you can make a multitude of recipes for one or two people. Let's see some of them in this single-student material.

Note: The recipes are for a double sandwich maker (like the one in the picture). The cooking time depends on the appliance. You will learn on the go.

1. Obviously, sandwiches

Its first and foremost utility is, as its name suggests, to make sandwiches. A little butter, a slice of cheese and a slice of ham and the sandwich is ready. Two slices of bread, two slices of ham and a little sweet mustard between them. Two slices of bread, some mayonnaise and canned tuna. And so on.

2. Toast

You don't have a toaster. No problem. Put the slices of bread in the sandwich maker and he will take care of them. You can even thaw your slices of frozen bread while toasting them.

3. Skewers (egg bread)

Beat two eggs with a little milk, a pinch of salt and a drop of pepper, pass the slices of bread through the mixture, let them absorb for a second and fry them in a sandwich maker. Serve them as such or with other dishes, put jam on top, honey or whatever else comes to mind.

Using a fork, beat 3 eggs with a little salt and 6 tablespoons of milk. Pour the mixture into the sandwich maker, close it and turn it on. Depending on the intensity, the omelet will be ready in a few minutes.

5. German eyes (egg eyes)

Break four eggs, one for each triangle. Add a little salt and pepper. Put the device to work.

6.Mushrooms & # 8220on the hob & # 8221

Put the mushroom hat with a little salt in the sandwich maker. It will leave some water that will evaporate. After the water has evaporated, add a little oil, close it and let it fry a little more. Sprinkle with parsley and serve.

7. Pumpkin or eggplant with garlic

Cut zucchini or eggplant into slices half an inch long. Sprinkle with oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Turn off the appliance and refrigerate. At the end, sprinkle them with a little crushed garlic and 2 tablespoons of vinegar mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey.

8. Omelette or tortilla

If you've seen how to make vegetables and eggs at a sandwich maker then I think it's time to put them together. Fry in the open appliance, together with a little oil, diced vegetables (onions and peppers, diced potatoes, diced eggplant and peppers, etc.). At the end add two beaten eggs together with two tablespoons of milk. Turn off and let the machine shake its head. See how to make frittata or tortilla.

9. Zucchini meatballs

Grate a zucchini. Squeeze the juice well into your fist. Mix it with a little salt, an egg yolk, a pinch of crushed garlic, a little flour and chopped greens (parsley and / or dill). Fry meatball triangles in the oiled pan. Or try a more complex recipe.

10. Breaded cheese

Pass the 5-7 millimeter thick slices of cheese through the white flour, then through a beaten egg with a little salt and at the end through the breadcrumbs. Fry them immediately in the sadwich maker.

11. Chicken liver with onion

Peel a squash, grate it and chop finely. Fry it in a little oil in the appliance. Add diced chicken livers. Fry for a few minutes. At the end add a crushed garlic, a tablespoon of dry white wine and a little chopped parsley.

12. Steaks and meatballs

Once you have oiled the appliance, you can shake your head. Thin strips of pork (neck, boneless chop) or chicken (breast), seasoned to taste (eg salt, pepper, crushed garlic or curry powder with a little oil and lemon juice), slices of liver to keep in milk for half an hour, fine schnitzels. Fish passed through a mixture of beer and flour and a drop of oil. Pieces of salmon sprinkled with oil and lemon juice. Almost anything can be fried if it is cut thin enough so that it does not burn on the outside and remains raw on the outside. Including meatballs! Or burgers!

Put a cleaned potato through the large grater. Mix it with a small onion given on the small grater, a little salt and pepper. Fry it in the oiled appliance.

14.Bulz (polenta with cheese)

Make a small polenta. From a cup of cornstarch poured into 2.5 cups of boiling water mixed with 3 tablespoons of oil and a pinch of salt. Allow the polenta to cool and make polenta dumplings in which you put a teaspoon of cheese (bellows, grated cheese, etc.). Put the dumplings in the machine and fry them. It will melt in your mouth.

Fry the whole sausages or cut the slices in the appliance. Add them, to taste, tomato sauce, made by you or from a jar.

16. Bacon or bacon

Fry slices of bacon or bacon. Drain the fat on the slices of bread (possibly toasted before in the sandwich maker). Serve the slices of bread with those of bacon or bacon. Optionally, you can fry in the left lard, a medium diced onion that you serve with them. Clean Transylvanian! Bonus: have you defatted a piece of meat? Cut the fat into cubes and fry it in the appliance. Including chicken skin!

17. Heat canned food

If you still fry sausages and bacon, you can serve them with a canned dish. Heat the beans or pea dish in the sandwich maker.

18. Macaroni and cheese

Mix the cooked pasta with grated cheese or bellows cheese and a little butter. Fry them in a sandwich maker.

19. Sweet toast (fasting)

Dilute jam (preferably red fruit) with a few tablespoons of water. Pass the slices of old bread through the & # 8220syrup & # 8221 obtained and fry them in the sandwich maker.

20. American pancakes

Make a mixture of American pancakes according to the recipe here. Fry them in the appliance.

Mix well 1 cup (200 ml) of milk with a quarter cup of sunflower oil, 1 egg, 2 teaspoons of baking soda, 3 tablespoons of sugar and a pinch of salt. At the end, mix everything well with a cup of flour. Fry them in a thin layer in the appliance.

22. Bread pudding

Cut four slices of old bread into cubes. Beat 1 egg with 4-5 tablespoons of milk, 2 tablespoons sugar and a sachet of vanilla sugar. Pour the mixture over the bread and let it absorb all the liquid. Put everything in the machine. Serve with jam.

23.Mere & # 8220coapte & # 8221

Cut 2 apple cubes and mix them with sugar to taste and 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon. Put the apples in the machine and you'll have a surprise.

24.Cake & # 8220cup & # 8221 or muffins

Try to make a quick cake. Or even muffins! You can find the recipes in the link.

25. Gray semolina or rice with caramelized milk

Do you have any leftover semolina with milk or rice with milk? Good luck! Powder the bottom of the sandwich maker with a little sugar, pour the mixture of semolina or rice with milk and sprinkle caster sugar on it (also at the bottom). Close the sandwich maker and let it caramelize. Serve with jam or & # 8220 ripe apples & # 8221.

You don't feel like making a baking tray. Just make a few servings of the sandwich maker. Cut the sheets to the size of the machine. Lay layers of pie sheets, where with butter and sprinkled with nuts, almonds, pistachios. After baking, take out the hot pieces and pour the aromatic sugar syrup over them. You have the ingredients here.

You can also make pies in the machine. It also forms triangle dough (tailored to the machine) filled with cheese. Bake them nicely in the appliance.

Pizza and foccacia

Do you have any bread dough left? Nothing. Make a foccacia in the machine. Put the dough in the appliance, bake it and at the end sprinkle it while it is still hot with olive oil and chopped rosemary. Or even make a pizza! On the pateur model, you can make pizza calzone (closed). Use dough, tomato sauce, cheese, ham and a little dried oregano.

And we stop here, even though we still have recipes. Because it's already ridiculous to have other appliances in the kitchen. We're running to get another sandwich maker. Bye!