Apple and caramel check

Apple and caramel check

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I made the caramel first.

I melted the margarine, put the sugar and let it caramelize a little. Just until it gets a slightly brown color. I put the diced apples and a tablespoon of soy milk.

I left it until the caramel melted and the apples softened a little.

I let it cool.

I mixed the sugar with the soy milk and the oil. I added the flour mixed with the salt and the baking powder, then the flavors.

I took some of the composition and mixed it with cocoa.

In a wallpapered tray, I alternately put a white composition, with cocoa and caramelized apples.

On top I mixed a little the two compositions with a fork.

I put it in the oven for 45 minutes, but it is useful to check with a toothpick when it is baked.