Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake

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So today I serve you with a slice of cake made quickly in 15 minutes, at the recipe 500 that follows soon, I promise a great cake

Mix the envelope of crushed biscuits well with butter and put it in the shape of the box (give it a round plastic shape in the package), level it evenly and prepare the cream

The very cold milk is mixed with the cream powder for 2-3 minutes until it is well homogenized, then it is placed over the biscuit top, it is leveled with the blade of a knife after which the pieces of white chocolate are put (I put them) and powdered with cocoa from the envelope and the candies (if you want)

Let it cool for 2 hours

It is a quick but very good cake, although I honestly am not a follower of those bought from the trade, it is really very good, my husband still buys, he likes it very much and in case of emergency, time crisis .... .........it's great

I am waiting for you with all my heart for a slice of cake, today I am honored, I have only been on our Site for 6 months